Download & Instalation Guide

Please follow the steps to avoid errors in-game. This will be a step by step process.

Downloading & Installing Full Client

  1. Download Full Client Installer by clicking any link below.

    Lite Installer

    image image image

    Full Installer

    image image image

    Note: Download only at provided links to avoid any issues in-game or to prevent viruses. ROK On!

  2. After downloading, simply run or open "Ragnafied.exe".
  3. Extract or Choose where you want to put the Game Files (Directory).
  4. Run Ragnafied Patcher frequently (For Game Content Updates)
  5. If you don't have an account yet, register here in our website.

That's all for the simple guide/tutorial hope you followed it correctly to avoid any errors in-game.

Installation/Troubleshooting FAQ's:

  1. Why is my client not appearing after opening it via ragnafied.exe or patcher?
    - This is perhaps to video card setup. (See image tutorial below)
    a. To fix the issue, open "opensetup.exe"

    b. Under Graphic Devices drop down menu, choose your video card

    c. Apply and Save

  2. Why is my gepard.dll is missing?
    - This is due to your anti-virus. Some AV recognizes "gepard.dll" as a threat.
    - The solution for auto deleteing the gepard.dll is to add exception on your Anti-Virus

  3. Why am I receiving Error ID: 21?

    - This is because you have an outdated Gepard Sield DLL.
    - To solve this, just run the patcher to get the latest gepard protection.
    - If patching didn't solve you. Contact us via discord #support-report
  4. Other questions to follow. This should be updated.

If you have any questions feel free to ask us in discord!

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